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I’m a multi-genre music producer, composer, remix artist and beat maker. I record under various pseudonyms: NJC / Nathaniel James Clarkson / Carpe Diem / Nat Clarxon / BLOX / NJC & Innerheart. Est 98.

Along with my audio and music work I’m also heavily involved with film and video production within the projects I take on. I love the creative process of audio / visual projects combined. 

Online / Remote Service

I have worked in the music and sound industries my entire adult working life! Whether that be in front of 25k audiences as a FOH engineer or inside some the UK’s best recording studios as an executive producer or mix engineer. 

With the changing times I’ve now setup online and I’m offering my ears, expertise and studio time as part of the many products and services I will have on offer. 

The store is currently being built so check back soon to find out more. Submit your interest here.

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NJC - Nathaniel James Clarkson

In recent years I have settled in the countryside and built my own custom made mixing and vocal production facility. It consists of an acoustically treated mixing / production room and a separate area with an isolation chamber for close mic and ASMR style recordings, along with live broadcasting for streaming. 🎧

NJC Engine Rooms, LondonMy passion is detail and making sure my output represents the clients needs of their project. Over the last 20+ years I have worked with literally hundreds of bands, solo artists, singers and musicians. This work has spanned across many genres and sounds and has taught me so much about the unique disciplines / rules each genre has. 🎛