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NJC is a multi-genre music producer, composer, remix artist and beat maker. He records under various pseudonyms: NJC / Nathaniel James Clarkson / Carpe Diem / Nat Clarxon / BLOX / NJC & Innerheart.

NJC Music Est 98.

Music Streaming / Download

Due to hacking I lost my previous website so we’re currently bringing everything back online but is very slow! My full catalogue will appear here again soon, below are some useful links to find my music online and also some of the recent releases I’ve produced that are available from all major outlets.  More will appear as I get setup with access. 

Spotify Artist Pages

Check out the 3 artist pages listed on Spotify, currently there is a muddle up with my music and there seems to be lots of submissions being made by the publishers of the music under various versions of my names.

Selected clients I've worked with

Discogs for Vinyl

Check out Discogs for rare vinyl releases from my catalogue available for purchase. Over the coming months I will begin to have a lot of back catalogue vinyl and unreleased material available through the store, check back soon. Updates are happening daily. 

NJC & Sun-Me - No Stopping (Teen Wolf Sync)

Ambiel Music Logo

NJC run’s a small independent record label and artist management company called Ambiel Music. This was started in 2007, primarily as a platform for him to release his non DnB productions. 

🎧Purveyors of quality ƟRigional underground ṀⓤṨⓘČ 🔊 Live music streams on youtube 🧐 check instagram for news 📢

Selected releases from NJC