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Audio Services šŸŽ›

NJC offers various audio services from his custom built studio for mixing, mastering and sound editing. Along with this he also offers a remastering and archive service transferring audio from older formats like tape, cassette, minidisc, cd and vinyl into high quality 196khz master files for storage digitally.

Sample Database


NJC has an audio archive from music that has found its way through his studio over the last 30 years in his recording, mixing, producing, remixing and composing music with literally hundreds of musicians and other collaborators. He has also acquired audio recordings that span over 70 years, from as far back as the 60s.

Free Downloads


Everyone loves a freebie. Below is a link to over a 1GB of free samples and sounds to mess around with and use. We cannot guarantee the copyright availability of any of the content and is for promotional use only. Some of the content is not owned or licensed to NJC and is there for experimentation with samplers and beat stations.