Tetrahadron Bomb

Deep N Beeper & NJC


project details

Title: Tetrahadron Bomb

Artists: Deep N Beeper

Label: Ambiel Music

Released: 01/11/2020

Genre: DnB / Dubstep

A dirty damager that summed up the mood of 2020 lock down vibes.

Deep N Beeper and NJC have both forged enviable reputations as multi-genre artists with a flair for doing the unexpected. So when they joined forces to experiment on a new track, they were destined to create something both audacious and forward-thinking. It’s all there in their collab ‘Tetrahadron Bomb’, which imaginatively redefines the rules of DnB and dubstep. The dynamic banger subverts classic sounds (a 4hero break, a sample from Joey Beltram’s ‘Mentasm’) to push the future of both genres.

“We set out to create a bass music style track with a slight twist,” says Deep N Beeper. “We wanted to stretch the rules of DnB and dubstep, and blur their boundaries a little. We played with some traditional DnB elements and ran them at 140bpm, so it’s definitely different.”

“We wanted to create something that reflects what 2020 has been like,” adds NJC. “The melodic intro is deceptively peaceful, but then it delves down into the dark side. And then the drop is like returning from lockdown. We’re all going back to ‘normal’, what that is.”

That idea is reiterated in the track’s title. It’s a playful reference to the hadron collider, with the events of 2020 being a glitched reality that’s been caused by a ‘Tetrahadron Bomb’.

The EP is completed by three other tracks which capture Deep N Beeper’s unorthodox creativity, exploring minimalist DnB, broken beats experimentation and downtempo dystopia. 

Inspired as much by technology and CGI as he is the golden era of Warp Records, Deep N Beeper’s eclectic sound darts between future bass, dubstep glitch and alternative. Highlights of his previous releases include the heavily rotated ‘Snooze With You’, his debut studio album ‘Submerged’ and collabs with the likes of Paranoid Angel, Zac Z and AMA.

NJC, aka Nathaniel James Clarkson, has enjoyed a fruitful two decades in music. He initially focused on DnB, releasing via the likes of Function Records, Timeless Records and L Plates, but was always passionate about exploring a range of genres. He founded Ambiel Records in 2007, a diverse, unconventional and artist-friendly label with the ethos that it’s normal to be different. 

‘Tetrahadron Bomb’ tracklist:

  1. ‘Tetrahadron Bomb’ with NJC
  2. ‘When Interspace Intersects Your Carpark’
  3. ‘Emergence Phenomena’
  4. ‘SIDE-4 (A Higher Dimensional Record Thing)’

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